Is It a Felony – TLS045

I had the pleasure of being on the Felony Friday podcast with John Odermatt recently, and we played, “Is it a crime?” Thank you for joining me on the forty-fifth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Is it a Felony?

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Rodger on Free Talk Live – TLS043

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ian Freeman and Mark Edge on Free Talk Live for a full hour at Shire Fest prior to PorcFest. Thank you for joining me on the forty-third episode of The LAVA Spurt, Rodger on Free Talk Live.

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Debating on Lions of Liberty – TLS042

Marc Clair invited me to be on the Lions of Liberty podcast, “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor” with John Odermatt of Felony Friday and Chris Spangle of We are Libertarians. I opened a bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black and went to school on Chris! This is one you don't want to miss. This is the forty-second episode of The LAVA Spurt, Debating on Lions of Liberty.

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Living a Voluntary Life Today – TLS041

What can you do to help you live a voluntary life today? I talk to Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life podcast about just that. Thank you for joining me on the forty-first episode of The LAVA Spurt, Living a Voluntary Life Today.

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Plowed by the Feds – TLS040

A man plowed his own field, and now the US Attorney's Office is trying to fine him $2.8 million. What the actual fuck? Thank you for joining me on the fortieth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Plowed by the Feds.

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Is Chelsea Manning a Hero? – TLS039

Chelsea Manning walked out of prison this week, finally free. But, should we celebrate her as a hero? Thank you for joining me on the thirty-ninth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Is Chelsea Manning a Hero?

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New Hampshire It's Like This Too – TLS038

New Hampshire, with a second Libertarian Party representative and cannabis decriminalization. This is the thirty-eighth episode of The LAVA Spurt, New Hampshire, It's Like This Too. This episode is brought to you by Praxis, where you can get a full-time job in nine months making $50,000 a year with no college degree.

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Hold Cops Responsible – TLS037

Should police officers be held personally responsible when they mess up? This is the thirty-seventh episode of The LAVA Spurt, Hold Cops Responsible.

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Trump Beating the War Drums – TLS036

Trump has proven that he's no different than Clinton by being just another war hawk. Is anyone surprised? This is the thirty-sixth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Trump Beating the War Drums.

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Myrtle Beach City Stealing Property – TLS035

The city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is trying to steal property using eminent domain, but some citizens aren't just sitting idly by and letting it happen, including a listener of The LAVA Flow. Thank you for joining me on the thirty-fifth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Myrtle Beach City Stealing Property. And, make sure to hang out to the end of this episode for your chance to win a prize pack!

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Johnson Campaign Shenanigans – TLS034

Judd Weiss has spilled the beans on some dirt inside the Johnson campaign. Thank you for joining me on the thirty-fourth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Johnson Campaign Shenanigans.

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CIA’s Vault 7 – TLS033

The CIA has been caught with its pants down, big time, with a release by WikiLeaks of the CIA's Vault 7, more than 8,000 confidential documents with apparently many more to come. What do you need to know about this release? I'll tell you. Thank you for joining me on the thirty-third episode of The LAVA Spurt, CIA's Vault 7.

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Resist the Empire – TLS032

You guys have heard me talking about the new podcast I've been working so hard on lately. I can now tell you all about it! This is the thirty-second episode of The LAVA Spurt, Resist the Empire.

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Do Not Resist This Movie – TLS031

At Liberty Forum a couple of weeks ago there was a screening of the documentary “Do Not Resist.” You do not want to resist watching this important movie. This is the thirty-first episode of The LAVA Spurt, Do Not Resist This Movie.

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