Arkansas rushes to murder potentially innocent men using the death penalty, What's in the News with stories on Saudia Arabia women's rights, the TSA, IRS, strippers and Backwordz, and a Statists Gonna State on CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Julian Assange.

How would Private Defense Agencies be funded in a free-market society? What's in the News with stories on police state USA, ICE detentions, and asset forfeiture. And, a Herding Cats segment on two cool events coming up.

Are you still sending your kids to government indoctrination centers? Be careful that they're not picked up by CPS for some asinine reason. What's in the News with stories on a Vault 7 update, taxation of charity, LBRY saves 20,000 lectures, judicially supported tyranny, and the USDA is a terrorist organization. And, a How to Live a LAVA Lifestyle in a Statist Society segment on encrypting your hard drive and facial recognition.


Should police officers be held personally responsible when they mess up? This is the thirty-seventh episode of The LAVA Spurt, Hold Cops Responsible.

Trump has proven that he's no different than Clinton by being just another war hawk. Is anyone surprised? This is the thirty-sixth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Trump Beating the War Drums.

The city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is trying to steal property using eminent domain, but some citizens aren't just sitting idly by and letting it happen, including a listener of The LAVA Flow. This is the thirty-fifth episode of The LAVA Spurt, Myrtle Beach City Stealing Property. And, make sure to hang out to the end of this episode for your chance to win a prize pack!

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom


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Keep the LAVA flowing!

by 1supercoach

Great perspective on all the relevant issues of today! Rodger does a great job breaking down the issues and answering most of the questions I have about any given topic…. saving me loads of research time every week that I just don't have! I started donating this month because the value I have received is just too great not to! Looking forward to more from Rodger and the Pax Libertas team.

The Tuning Fork of Liberty

by Waviator

The LAVA Flow podcast by Rodger Paxton is a clarion call to wake up and start rocking the slave ship we are on. If his jimmies are being rustled, it is for good reason. He succinctly reports on travesties of Justice and organizes his brief podcasts to inform us on the State's Python-like squeeze on our liberty. Rodger reports on news stories that deserve more traction and citizen rage that the 4th Estate ignores while supplications to the State. His take on libertarian questions that ring true like the tuning fork of Liberty that he is. He fairly points out where others disagree, but brings us faithfully back to the Non-Aggression Principle. Most importantly, Rodger (and Jessica) Paxton walk the walk. Rise up!

Top Notch!

by yrrabsille

Straight forward libertarian news and commentary from a level-headed guy who really does his homework. There's no fluff in the news aspect of this show, and there's no compromise in the commentary/opinion aspect. Rodger has built a great foundation for his growing network of podcasts that have become a staple in the Anarchist news world. If you're not listening to The LAVA Flow yet, then what's wrong with you?

Thorough, Informative, A Good Use of Time

by Elisabethienne

These podcasts are so well researched it is unbelievable. Each topic or event is presented with background information that is cited in the show notes so a listener can easily access and perform their own research. Rodger presents is with a wrapup of some issue or event that we don't have the time to go out and research ourselves. He presents his own viewpoint which is truly libertartarian, and he states his opinions honestly, in an editorial style, rather than presenting his own opinion as news. This has jumped to my must-hear podcast and I'm grateful to Mr. Paxton for taking the time to create it.

Remarkable work

by Christian Edward Gruber

I tripped over the LAVA Flow podcast while poking around Podcast Republic, and then seeing a pointer from a Kinsella post. I subscribed but never got around to working through the episodes. The other day I did, starting with going back through the review of LP candidates, as I was curious what a voluntaryist/agorist would have to say about an electoral politics happening. I was impressed. I find Rodger's style a lovely mix of sincerity, thoughtfulness, humor, and sarcasm, with some great analysis. Since that, a few days ago, I've power-listened to the whole thing and contributed on Patreon. This is some good stuff, and I look forward to more content. His commitment to principle, even present where he struggles with questions of tactics in the movement, rings true and shows through, and I am happy to find this “ally in liberty”. Keep it up.

Current and Informative

by Subscriber hell inmate

The Anarcho-Capitalist/libertarian take on current events. Paxton's opinion and interpretation are always entertaining, often insightful and always well-researched. His perspective on what is happening this week on the viral videos and memes on the internet are worth the listen alone. He will find the story behind it and give his libertatrian perspective. He also will keep you up on as much as he can for a half hour every two weeks on the latest debacle in Washington. The occasional discussion of libertarians and the contreversies within the shades of the ideology are also very informative. Well worth your time!


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