Skyler J. Collins had the temerity to have me on his podcast, Everything Voluntary.  What happens when two radically unschooling, peaceful parenting, voluntaryist podcasters get together for a chat? This is episode fifty-three of The LAVA Spurt, Rodger on Everything Voluntary. This episode is brought to you by Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom, helping you to become a smarter and more informed libertarian than ever before, for just 24 cents a day.

As you guys may know, I've considered myself a libertarian for many years, but it's only just recently that I have fully embraced voluntaryism. For more information on the non-political libertarian philosophy of voluntaryism, check out the Pax Libertas Productions sister podcast at But, there is another site that is a treasure trove of content on voluntaryism at This site is run by a guy named Skyler J. Collins, and he and many other contributors to the site, including Larken Rose and others, create some amazing voluntaryist content. Skyler even has a podcast where he talks about voluntaryism and interviews people. It's a great podcast, so make sure to check it out.

Topics included my mid-90s awareness of Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, the New Hampshire Free State Project, the importance of homeschooling to advancing liberty, my experience with radical unschooling, the heavy costs of authoritarian parenting, drunk driving as a victimless crime, and so much more, including who is my least favorite libertarian!


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