Dodge the Draft – TLF063

Should you or your kids register for the draft or dodge the draft? Find out what the implications are. News with stories on kids needing licenses to mow, 900 kids being illegally searched, Ross Ulbricht, and jury nullification, and an Ancap Apps segment on Swarm City.

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I Am Not At War in Syria – TLF062

It looks like the US is going to be more involved in Syria under Trump. I am not at war. What's in the News with stories on government indoctrination centers, government ignoring the Constitution, closing asset forfeiture loopholes, political correctness police with teeth, and secession in the US. And, a Muh Roads segment on counties in Oregon shutting down government services.

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Pope Frankie Hates Libertarians – TLF061

Pope Frankie is running his mouth about libertarianism from his gilded throne of socialism. What's in the News with stories on court sentencing software, tortured to death in jail, the federal drug war, and no more 5th Amendment. Also, a How to Live a LAVA Lifestyle on Praxis and a Herding Cats with your chance to win two free tickets to Porcfest.

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Arkansas Death Penalty – TLF060

Arkansas rushes to murder potentially innocent men using the death penalty, What's in the News with stories on Saudia Arabia women's rights, the TSA, IRS, strippers and Backwordz, and a Statists Gonna State on CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Julian Assange.

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Private Defense Agencies – TLF059

How would Private Defense Agencies be funded in a free-market society? What's in the News with stories on police state USA, ICE detentions, and asset forfeiture. And, a Herding Cats segment on two cool events coming up.

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Child Protective Services is Immoral – TLF058

Are you still sending your kids to government indoctrination centers? Be careful that they're not picked up by CPS for some asinine reason because Child Protective Services is immoral. What's in the News with stories on a Vault 7 update, taxation of charity, LBRY saves 20,000 lectures, judicially supported tyranny, and the USDA is a terrorist organization. And, a How to Live a LAVA Lifestyle in a Statist Society segment on encrypting your hard drive and facial recognition.

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Virtue of Selfishness – TLF057

Is it moral to be selfish? Find out in Virtue of Selfishness.What's in the news with stories on hemp lawsuits, the FBI and FDA doing stupid stuff, cryptocurrency updates, lab-grown meat and much more, and a big PorcFest update on who is the keynote speaker

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Immigration and Welfare – TLF056

Immigration and welfare is a topic that should be pretty clear from a libertarian standpoint. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case for many who claim to be libertarian. Also, What's in the News with stories on Snuggies, Trump, government funding, federal cannabis enforcement, ATF smuggling, and assault weapons ban. And a Muh Roads segment on Border agents downloading information from your phones and computers.

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Government Ignores Another Dam Problem – TLF055

The government ignores another dam problem and the taxpayer is on the hook. Wouldn't the free market be a better solution? What's in the News with stories on LP court victory, nullification in Montana, ending government indoctrination centers, secession, security theater, whistleblowers Manning and Snowden, and running over protestors. And, a segment on a bunch of really cool stuff happening in New Hampshire.

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Asset Forfeiture is Theft – TLF054

What is the difference between civil and criminal asset forfeiture? Asset Forfeiture is Theft. Also, What's in the News with stories on an EpiPen update, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, cops killing innocents, secession, schools pulling teeth, and the Doomsday Clock. And, an Ancap Apps segment on the return of Lavabit and a Herding Cats segment with updates on Liberty Forum and Anarchapulco.

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The New Year, New Laws 2017 Edition – TLF053

It's the annual New Year, New Laws 2017 episode! Are new 2017 laws around the country a net positive or negative for liberty? Also, Whats in the News with stories on legislated porn-blockers, suing porn websites, Stingrays, NSA Watchdog fired, Alexa, school fight felonies, and NH Constitutional carry. Also a new segment called New Hampshire, It's Like This Too, and a Muh Roads segment on who will really build the roads.

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The Merry Capitalistmas Edition – TLF052

Merry Capitalistmas! Is the free market the reason for the season? What's in the News with stories on job security for judges, federal government hacking states, e-cig updates, good cop fired, Obamacare, and the IRS. Also, a Muh Roads segment on a city in Georgia that is privatizing all the things, and a Statists Gonna State segment on CEO pay.

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The Ding-Dong! Castro’s Dead! Edition – TLF051

Thank Rothbard that Fidel Castro's dead, finally. What are some of the horrible crimes against humanity he committed? Also, What's in the News with stories on Edward Snowden, Ross Ulbricht, secession, the Second Amendment, euthanasia, the minimum wage, the surveillance state, and more, and a Herding Cats segment on some upcoming events you don't want to miss.

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The Arcade City 2.0 Edition – TLF050

There've been some new developments in the Arcade City story. Did they finally get things together? Is there an app yet? Also, What's in the News with stories on cannabis, porn, jobs, elections, and police state USA, and an Ancap App segment on OpenBazaar.

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