New Year, New Laws 2018 – TLF077

As with every year, there are a ton of new laws around the country starting on January 1st. I take a look at these and decide if it is a good or bad year for liberty.What's in the News with stories on government banning drivers, government banning bulletproof glass, Canada recreational cannabis, government being sued, cop deaths down, and cops kill an unarmed man. And, and Ancap Apps segment on Edward Snowden's new app, Haven.

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How To Get Started In Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – TLF076

What is this Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency thing you've been hearing about? Find out here. What's in the News with stories on death row, Free State Project crypto news, gun registry, taxation is theft, government cereal regulations, and Starbucks barred from closing stores. Also, a Herding Cats segment on Liberty Forum with a discount code for you, and a Statists Gonna State segment on a charity frozen by the government.

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I'm Thankful For You – TLF075

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I'm thankful for you, my awesome listeners, but I'm also thankful for so much more. What's in the News with stories on Bill Weld, debtors prison, fake news news, big brother, Sessions being sued, AUMF, busted for hibiscus, victimless crimes, and libertarian charity. And, and Ancap Apps segment on the best VPN service I've ever used!

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Lawyer Dog – TLF074

“Give me a lawyer dog” apparently refers to some strange animal only found in Louisiana that has four legs, wags it's tail, and has a law degree. What's in the News with stories on prostitution, a Catalonia update, my October Contest Winners, a nurse Wubbels update, Trump's Twitter, DUI on a horse, and free-market vs. government. Also, and Ancap App segment with updates on Open Bazaar and Signal. And, a Burning Books segment on Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari.

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Healthcare Changes – TLF073

Trump has used his powers for good, finally, but has he gone far enough? What's in the News with stories on healthcare rationing in the U.K., officer Payne is fired, TSA security theater, FDA condom regulations, bump stock ban coming, and the NYPD needs IT help. And, a Statists Gonna State segment on real slavery happening in America today.

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Secede to Succeed – TLF072

Secession is in the news again, and more than just Catalonia. Why is this good news? What's in the News with stories on a new libertarian country idea, police union outrage, Free Ross news, Equifax gets a government contract, Bill Weld shows his true colors, and body camera footage kept in the dark. Also, a Statists Gonna State segment on guns in America and a Herding Cats segment on two upcoming libertarian events.

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History of Asset Forfeiture – TLF071

I had no idea how far back the history of asset forfeiture goes. Find out all about it in this episode. Also, What's in the News with stories on private disaster relief efforts, cops getting off with murder, Motel 6 is a bootlicker, kindergartner suspended for imagination, and Maine nullifying federal food laws. I also discuss a new contest I'm running that you can win, and a new podcast project I've released for Pax Libertas Productions that you don't want to miss.

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Bad Apples – TLF070

Nurses can be heroes too, especially when they stand up to bad cops. What's in the News with stories on the MDMA as medicine, North Korea threats, bullying homeschool families, exposed security clearances, seizure of guns, and Comey on Clinton. And Yet Another Bad Cop segment with four stories of cops who go above and beyond to lie, cheat, steal, assault, and attempt murder.

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WAR – Part 2 – TLF069

Unfortunately, war is still rustling my jimmies, but not the same war as the last episode. What's in the News with stories on internet information seizures, gun rights, more Silk Road trial corruption, a judge who said a man can't sleep with his wife consensually, bad cops, and digital camera searches. Finally, The Next Generation on schools teaching conformity over education.

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WAR – What Is It Good For – TLF068

War – what is it good for? Slaughtering people, and nothing more. What's in the News with stories on Federal Reserve Bitcoin, national cannabis legalization, ICE injustice, Stingray bans in NH, cops walk free – again, and filming cops. And, How to Live a LAVA Lifestyle on a town that lost all of their cops. This episode is brought to you by Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom, helping you to become a smarter and more informed libertarian than ever before, for just 24 cents a day.

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Do You Hate the State – TLF067

Charlie Gard has died, and it is the state's fault. Do you hate the state yet? What's in the News with stories on losing the right to freedom of speech and guns, paying child support for someone who is not your child, e-cigarette regulations update, and Trump on police brutality. Also, and Ancap App segment on an update on Swarm City and a The Next Generation segment on homeschool savings, but not for homeschoolers.

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The Beginning of the End of the Drug War – TLF066

Are we seeing the final throes of the drug war in America? What's in the News with stories on an update to Charlie Gard, mandatory vaccines, life imitating satire, the Nevada Governor must be high, Big Brother is garbage, eugenics, and civil asset forfeiture is expanding. A New Hampshire, It's Like This Too segment on the many wins we've had so far, and a Herding Cats segment on the Freecoast Festival.

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What Universal Healthcare Looks Like and Independence Day – TLF065

Happy Independence Day! We look at what universal health care actually looks like, and it is grim. What's in the News with stories on government theft, nanny state, unintended consequences, charitable giving, and government waste. We also have an Ancap App segment on Heleum, an app that accelerates your savings. And, How to Live a LAVA Lifestyle on celebrating our independence.

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Dodge the Draft – TLF063

Should you or your kids register for the draft or dodge the draft? Find out what the implications are. News with stories on kids needing licenses to mow, 900 kids being illegally searched, Ross Ulbricht, and jury nullification, and an Ancap Apps segment on Swarm City.

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  • A must listen
    January 19, 2018 by Christopher D Osborn from Norway

    Roger Paxton is the moral compass the libertarian movement needs. I don’t agree with him on the weather we should engage in politics, but that’s just trivial. We need extremists like Roger to keep us philosophically centered.

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