The EpiPen Government Monopoly Edition – TLF044

The price of the EpiPen has skyrocketed. Is the free market to blame? Also in this fortnight's episode, The EpiPen Government Monopoly Edition, What's in the News with articles on poop, Pokemon Go, tickets for laws that don't exist, and hemp legalization, and yet another Statists Gonna State on Gary Johnson.

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The There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Edition – TLF004

We discuss the moochers in our society, starting with President Obama, and give you tools on how to deal with them. What's in the News with stories on Week two of the Silk Road trial, The Pirate Bay, let them eat cake, and several new stories about rogue cops going rogue. And, my wife, Jessica, takes on the myth of the homeschool social problem with a day in the life of our homeschooled boys.

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The Je ne suis pas Charlie Edition – TLF003

What happened to French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, and why free speech isn't really the issue at hand. What's in the News with stories on the Ross Ulbricht trial, Rand Paul, and a girl being forced to undergo chemotherapy, and a Muh Roads segment on the privatization of roads.

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The Law Enforcement Edition – TLF002

I discuss the recent spate of police violence cases and try to find where all of the “good cops” are. What's in the News with stories on US Supreme Court Case Heien v. State of North Carolina, where the Supreme Court allows police to violate your Fourth Amendment rights, and the NYPD work stoppage, and we talk about how to acquire and use precious metals and bitcoin.

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Why Another Libertarian Podcast – TLF001

I discuss why I'm starting a new libertarian podcast and why you want to listen to it, Statists Gonna State on a speech by Obama, and a Muh Roads segment on the private city that is Walt Disney World.

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  • Absolutely Incredible!
    April 18, 2017 by An Autumn Sunrise from United States

    This is by far my favorite political podcast. Rodger does an excellent job articulating and promoting the ideas of liberty in an easy to understand manner using relevant current events of the day that you won't see or hear from the mainstream media. I really wish this was a daily podcast. After I'm done listening to the most current episode, I often go back and listen to old episodes again so that I don't go through withdrawal!

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